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"We address your life-style needs. Fashion, self-image, and function are always incorporated into our footwear solutions."


Custom-Made Footwear


We use 3 different processes based on affordability

OTABO Computer Designed Custom Shoes

Otabo is a process that uses digital technology to design and fabricate custom shoes for dress, golf, business, and everyday wear at a lower cost than hand-made custom shoes.

To see the complete OTABO line, please visit their website




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San FranciscoSan Francisco Molded Shoes (SFMS)

(Our least expensive, but highly effective process)

SFMS are shoes made using an original process developed by Davis Foot Comfort Center in which we rebuild ready-made shoes around molds of your feet. Resembling conventional footwear and available in dozens of styles, SFMS are an affordable solution for the hard-to-fit, diabetic, or arthritic foot.




These are just a few of our many custom shoe options. Lots more are on
display at our facility!


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Custom Hand MadeHand-Made Custom Shoes

When a need calls for the ultimate in Old World Craftsmanship for custom designs or therapy, our Master Shoemaker, Ben Stepanian, will craft custom shoes from scratch, using the finest leathers and materials.

We can custom-make nearly any kind of shoe or boot, and we can help you choose designs that provide the optimum blend of comfort and purpose, whether for business, dress, industrial work, recreation, or simply comfort and function.



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