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Achilles Tendonitis or Rupture (Back of Foot and Leg)

Achilles Tendonitis (Back of foot and leg)

Achilles Tendonitis (Back of foot and leg)


An overuse syndrome that tightens the calf muscles and puts extra strain on the Achilles tendon. Inflammation can occur where it inserts into the back of the heel, or along the middle of the tendon, higher up on the leg.

$ Self Help

  • If swollen, ice and anti-inflammatories are recommended. Then a slow and cautious routine of stretching the calf and tendon. Wearing shoes with a higher heel elevation will also relieve stress on the tendon when walking or standing.

$$ A Medical Supply Store or Sport Rehab Store

  • Purchasing heel cups or lifts to insert in your shoes can help, but shoes must be deep enough to accommodate them without causing heel slipping in the shoes.

$$$ Pedorthist

  • Boots can usually be elevated internally but shoes may need to be elevated externally at the heel by ¼” to ½”. This can throw shoes out of balance so it is best done by a pedorthist rather than a shoe repair shop.