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Custom Orthotic Devices

Custom Orthotic Devices

Hand-Made Orthotic Devices


Are you experiencing foot or knee discomfort? You may be suffering from mechanical alignment issues.

Custom orthotic devices correct alignment deficiencies by acting as an interface between the bottom of your foot and your shoe. They are positioned so that each of your joints is lined up properly with the inside surface of your shoes. Most feet require motion control, but others benefit from enhanced flexibility. We often integrate control and accommodation into a single pair of devices.

A Good Orthotic Device…


Relieves Your Pain
Prevents Injuries and Degeneration
Improves Your Performance and Endurance

At Davis, our understanding of biomechanics, together with 40 years of working with clients from the barely mobile to the highly active, allows us to craft shoes and devices tailored to your comfort. We don’t rely on formulaic solutions.

We fabricate all orthotic devices by hand on the premises, putting the finishing touches on during your dispense appointment. This ensures comfort, alignment, and integration to your footwear.

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We recommend a follow-up visit to address any issues that might arise after testing the orthotic device in your daily life. After all, if it’s not effective, what good is it?