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Everything we do is rooted in the science of foot and ankle biomechanics and tempered by attention to comfort.


During a consultation, we discuss the history of your problem, biomechanically evaluate your feet, gait, and current footwear, and address your concerns about cost and appearance. Finally, we’ll prepare a course of action based on those factors.


Are you experiencing foot or knee discomfort? You may be suffering from mechanical alignment issues.


No other category is as far-reaching, or can address the most number of objectives than custom shoe therapy.

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A lower cost, but highly effective process of custom shoe making.


Enjoying golf is not just about being comfortable so you can concentrate on your game, it’s also about getting a good score.


Brace boots are boots with reinforcements built into the linings that allow fashionable boots to work like a lower leg brace, often referred to as an AFO.


A much less expensive alternative to custom made footwear is to have existing footwear modified to function or fit better.


AFO’s are braces that use the leg to stabilize the foot.