Davis Foot Comfort Center



A quick thank you for understanding my challenging feet and coming up with a pair of shoes that are comfortable. I can’t tell you what a difference they have made in my daily outlook, but also to the outlook of the months and years ahead. Soon I will call to get a second pair, one a little dressy, maybe black… but we will talk about it. Again thanks for your patience and understanding, “Mahalo” as they say in Hawaii. If you ever get to Oahu, please look us up!
— ROS M.

Amy Davis may be the nicest person I’ve ever worked with. Patient to such a point it is bordering on silly. Works with me and the halfwits at the workers comp insurance company….which would drive most people to homicidal thoughts or a serious bout of drinking in the morning. Amy handles all of it with grace and style. The Gold Standard for customer service.

My mom recently got her shoe in this place they have great service and they were really nice to her I honestly believe they are great people they have nice pricing too thank you David and Amy for all your work u guys made our whole family happy.

I never write reviews but I experienced exceptional service from Arnie and Amy. I brought in my favorite pair of boots over the winter holidays to be completely resoled. I’d worn the soles completely through so that my socks were showing. Arnie had an employee quit on him unexpectedly so he had to have the boots contracted out to be redone. It was a tough repair and the contractor botched it. I was dismayed: the boots looked terrible, were now too large for me to wear, and I was out a couple hundred bucks. It was important to Arnie that he fix the situation. He ended up taking the measure of my feet and remaking the boots completely to custom fit my feet, all for free the second time around. I was astonished and so grateful that it was important to him to make things right. My boots are now perfect and I even have a custom wooden mold of my feet for the future. Arnie, thank you for going above and beyond to make a happy customer. You are detail oriented, down to earth, a real craftsman and one of the reasons that I’m proud to call the little beach town in the outer sunset around the N-Judah my home base. Highly recommended.

Super happy with everything. I was having bad shin splints after increasing my exercise. I wanted to be more healthy, but the pain was getting in the way. I went for a consult and Arnie spotted that I had corrected club feet (which I had forgotten.) He designed and made inserts that would help position my feet better. After getting the inserts and going through a few adjustments I’m absolutely thrilled. They were a pleasure to work with: very accommodating about schedules, skilled craftsman, family owned small business and great customer service. I’m going to get a few more inserts made in the near future.

I have been going to Davis Foot Comfort Center for over 25 years. Arnie Davis, the owner, and his daughter Amy who works the front area are there almost every day they are open. I have had shoes custom made, off the shelf shoes customized and orthotic shoes customized, I have my daily shoes made there and even had sandals customized so I could go river rafting. Arnie will do what it takes to get the job done. Because his shoes are customized the prices reflect that as does the time involved to get it right. You will be sized and asked how you wear the shoes and other pertinent info about your needs. Your shoes will then be made/customized and then you will come back for a fitting. Then your shoes may be fine tuned for you even more. It is quite an impressive process! But is it ever worth it in when your are walking down the city street with your partner, keeping up the pace and without pain! If you have foot issues so bad they cause you pain when you walk and your life is affected, go to Davis Foot Comfort Center.

Had an initial consult about a month ago. I found the person who helped me to be very caring and thorough. He offered me lots of options and explained them patiently. They can do things that I could not find anywhere else in the bay area. Highly recommend a visit.

I tried to buy some inserts at another shoe store, but they told me if i had an imbalance to go to this place. I put it off and put it off because I didn’t have insurance and didn’t have a lot of money. Looking back, why did I wait? They were very helpful and the price was reasonable. I had already figured out that i had a 1 inch imbalance. They helped me figure out a solution that worked for me and after testing it, i cam back and they made me two shoe inserts that are terrific and have really lasted. I know it’s probably the nature of the business, people bonking their shoes, bodies into the cubicles, but it could use a touch up of paint. The people who work here really care and can help. They are reasonably priced and very friendly. I will continue to use them and highly recommend them.

Huge fan of Arnie Davis – total rock star in the orthopedics world! Not even the founder of STS makes a fiberglass foot cast as perfect as Arnie does. I am currently working with Arnie on a line of custom orthopedic shoes for my company. If anything, that is my utmost compliment to him. 🙂

Dear Arnie and Greg and all staff, I want to thank you for the many years of excellent service and attention that you gave my husband. He died August 30, completely unexpectedly, of a heart attack in his sleep. Your shoes changed his life, from the first pair to the last. I’ll never forget our first excursion after the first pair. He had a grand time walking around Monterey bay Aquarium, to the point that I had to ask to sit for a few minutes rest. He was finally able to enjoy national parks, museums, and even dancing like a crazy person on New Years Eve. I have been grateful all these years for your shoes, and I wanted to say farewell and heartfelt thanks. Should I need special shoes, I’ll be right up! The best to all of you.
— CT

I have been going to Davis Shoe Therapeutics for over 20 years and cannot say enough about the quality and comfort of the shoes, and the friendly helpful service I always receive. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and my feet are quite deformed, but Arnie, the extraordinary master of all shoe designers, and his incredible staff have always been able to make shoes for me that were not only perfect for my feet, but stylish as well! As a corporate consultant, looks are important to me, and I have always been amazed at what Davis Shoe can do. In the world of orthopedics, Arnie Davis is famous. I have been to several of the best surgeons around the country, and they all know him, trust his judgment, and praise his work. I feel so fortunate and deeply grateful to everyone at Davis Shoe for helping me over all these years. I couldn’t walk without them.

My job requires me to be on my feet all day, so I needed something to help prevent the pain I was having in both my feet and hips. I had tried the generic shoe inserts from Walgreens, but they did nothing. I found this cute place in the outer Sunset District that set me up an appointment with a Certified Pedorthist. During my appointment, he evaluated my feet and watched me walk. It turns out that I have a slight leg-length discrepancy. They said that I would benefit from some custom orthotics that had a lift on them, so I had my Physician fax an RX to them. Once my orthotics were ready, they called me for a fitting appointment, (I thought this was great! They didn’t just hand them to me and send me on my way. They wanted to see if the orthotics were going to do what they were meant to do.) So, at my visit I tried them on and I felt immediate relief. NO MORE PAIN!! The staff was amazing. They listened, were informative, and most of all seemed to genuinely care about their customers. Highly recommended!
— SUE W.

Thank you again for the wonderful service you have provided for myself and my dad (Hadley)! I seem to have a new stride – in life too! My “old self” is slowly gaining confidence about getting along again. I really have no pain; I can just sense what muscles need help in getting strong again. I even played tennis last weekend – I haven’t done that in almost a decade!! I must admit, I only enjoy wearing the shoes and inserts from you all. I am VERY GRATEFUL – Thank you so much for your expertise and wonderful company. I look forward to letting you know more of my success as I continue to regain my “footing”! Yes, I was in a bit of despair for the last few years, not quite ready for surgery (hip replacement). These visits, fittings, I know can maintain my situation and keep me pain free!! I’m just ready to get my life back. And I owe a big part of this to you all. Again, thank you!

I was referred by my Insurance Provider and am very pleased with the outcome of my custom shoes. The pedorthist that was working with me was very knowledgeable about my problem and showed me exercises that I should do to help me with the pain I was having. He also introduced me to some great socks specifically for diabetics.

This letter is written to express my deep appreciation to you for your efforts in making me the most comforitable shoes I have ever had. Words alone cannot express my gratitude. I can actually walk without pain. Everyone tells me how much better I walk. I would also like to thank Arnie for allowing Greg to do “his thing”. Having been self-employed myself I know the concerns the owner has behind the scene. The rest of the staff is also to be commended for their never-failing patience with customers like me. Davis Shoes has a wonderful staff. I cannot say enough good things about your service and the overall happy atmosphere you generate. People actually compliment me on the shoes and I always give you a glowing recommendation. Don’t ever change. I am so thankful for these shoes.
— BC